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How good it is to work for so big a team or for an IT Services company
Is it worth to sell or develop products if they become obsolete upon release.

We all dream of a better world, but what do we do to build it ? What is your current situation ? Do you work anynomously in an openspace or do you work in your own office ?

Is it worth sacrifying your passions for job security?
Join us and help us make the world move !
Let’s change things together !

Why choosing Saam NeTwork?

Saam NeTwork has been developing for a decade the first world wide search engine for procurement contract.

What does that mean?

Roughly speaking, imagine what the administrations, the cities, the states, the armies or the hospital can buy every day to work. Imagine a hospital: it has to buy every day drugs, medical equipment , beds, tray meals . Imagine a town hall whose goal is to make schools work, roads: the whole of those things represents tens of thousands daily purchases.

Our role is to detect those information, to sort them out and then to send them to companies, which, in counterpart, pay us annual subscriptions. Our job is to create richness and employment in France, Europe and the entire world.

We help a small company to detect procurement contracts where it is located. We help SME to export. We help large corporate groups to be more efficient. €

Nine thousands billions of euros !

This is the public procurement’s annual amount. This is also our playground.The purpose is to detect those procurement contracts and send them within a few hours to companies.

Just imagine. A very isolated Chinese town hall applies for a procurement contract. Within 12 hours, a Bordeaux firm is immediately informed. This is what we do

If you join us, you will participate to all of this. Believe us, you will feel good, all the more so since you have helped companies and firms to detect public procurements and to create employment.


Created in 2000, Saam NeTwork is a company genuinely dedicated to watching procurement contracts. Throughout the years, the company has increased and has acquired its customers’ reliance. Saam NeTwork has also been increasing thanks to corporate takeovers.

The company has many offices not only in Alsace but in Morocco as well.

  • Innovative Company
  • Research and Development Award
  • Second best growing company in Eastern France
    • 41th in France
    • 220th in the world

Join us

We need you

Whatever your age, Saam NeTwork is increasing and we need to get  determined people to foster its growth.

Are you a software developer?

We need you to develop applications which deal with important databases.
We need you for the LAMP programming.
We need you for data integration
We need you to do intensive  Research & Development.
We need you, we need you

Are you a system administrator ?

Twelve years ago we did  have a hopeless server hosted in a bathroom. Today, we have tens of servers , a white room, bays which are very fast. We are even thinking about having our own datacenter.

We need you.

Are you a sales person ?

In France, our society is not well-known enough and yet we have the best monitoring tools More than 150.000 are to-be interested in our products.

We need you !

We have to be international. We detect procurement contracts in many countries. We have to develop our tools.

We need you !

Are you working in the marketing field ?

We have to communicate throughout France and the world. Our playground is very widespread. Help us communicate regarding cultures, needs and requirements of each country.

We need you!



To back-up its growth, Saam NeTwork is helped with by private equity.
You want to join us? Here are three main reasons to do so.

1. Our market.

We are creating the most important procurement contracts’ monitoring tool in the world. It amounts to 9 billions euros of public procurements each year. It is taken for granted that the companies working with us are numerous.

2. Improving things.

You can participate in creating companies’ richness for our clients. You will help them create job.

3. A relieving business model.

Our clients pay annual subscriptions. Thus, each month, we already foresee our sales revenue to let alone our new clients.
This business model enabled us to have a 700% growth within five years and be awarded the Deloitte Fast 50.

4. An anti- crisis model.

Due to the crisis, we have noticed that the firms have been more and more interested in procurement contracts. It has arisen a growth in our sales revenue.
We deal with many sectors and we can fully enjoy the sectorial growth.

To conclude, our sales revenue increases thanks to renewal of contracts.

Join us !

Join us!